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Welcome to the Dartmouth Branch of the RTO

The Dartmouth Branch of the RTO conveys our warm wishes to you for a healthy retirement.

Please check out the useful links for pertinent RTO information.

On-line copies of The Retired Teacher newsletter are available on the RTO website.

All RTO members are welcome to attend our annual luncheons, activities and meetings.

Our Branch holds three or four lunch meetings per year, usually in October, December, March and/or May. Coffee hour get-togethers and Walk-a-bouts are also a great way to reconnect with friends and former colleagues.

To receive news of our events, we request your phone number and email address for our membership list. This should be forwarded to Dorothy Smith, Membership Coordinator, or Judy Knowlton, President.

Feel free to contact the President with any queries regarding events, membership details, medical or group insurance plans, or other RTO information.

Dartmouth Branch RTO Executive 2015-2016

President - Judy Knowlton
Vice President - Audrey Matheson
Past President - E. Margaret MacDonald
Secretary - Annette Petrie
Treasurer - Carolyn Reid
Membership/Communication - Dorothy Smith

Contact Information

Judy Knowlton (President) - jaknowlton@nstu.ca

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